MeArm - Basic Servos Kit

MeArm - Basic Servos Kit

NB Servo Kit now contains Metal Gear Servos.


The MeArm kit was developed as a low cost Open Source robot arm by Benjamin Gray and Jack Howard here at phenoptix Towers. It is currently aimed at those already familiar with Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other control boards as it's at a fairly early development stage and all of the work so far has gone into the structural side of the arm. This is all all the servos you'll need for the latest v0.4 kits. All of all the progress so far can be found on thingiverse:

The latest version is a stable base model and that's what you see here today. This is a fixings kit and comes included with full and with fixings kits.

There are two sets of build instructions available currently. The first on instructables is of the v0.3 and the second provided by one of our fantastic forum members.

Our basic testing has involved driving the servos straight from an Arduino, using a simple shield and four 10k Ohm potentiometers. The code for that can be found in the MeArm Github

Software exists for the Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black and Espruino, as our community is amazing!